John’s second collection of original pieces for solo piano. Set to be released on May 30, 2019. It was recorded and mastered by George Oldziey at Greenhaven Studio in Austin, Texas.


John’s first compilation of pieces for solo piano, Interim,  was recorded in Austin, Texas at HEK studio and produced by Kyle Crusham. It was released in 2015.

Pojat is a collaboration between John M. Churchill and Michael B. Allen. "Home, Not Where I Left It" was recorded in Austin, Texas and released in 2014.


Please Mind the Gap (2018)

Please Mind the Gap (2018)

Tightly Wound  (2018)

Tightly Wound (2018)

The Listener ( 2017)

The Listener (2017)

Green Earth  (2017)

Green Earth (2017)

No. 16, Da An Road  (2016)

No. 16, Da An Road (2016)

Queerspawn in Love  (2016)

Queerspawn in Love (2016)

Ms. Texas Senior  (2016)

Ms. Texas Senior (2016)

Swarm  (2016)

Swarm (2016)

Her & Me  (2015)

Her & Me (2015)

Dove Scouts ( 2014)

Dove Scouts (2014)