Heavily influenced by the music of composers from the Romantic era, John M. Churchill writes and performs in such a way to evoke the wide scope of human emotion. Using the melody as his voice, each piece is meant to be a story that his listeners can make their own. 

Born in Kansas City, music has been a part of John’s life since the age of 4. Though he studied classical piano for 4 years as a child, most of his attention was on guitar and songwriting for the majority of his adolescent and teenage years. It wasn’t until he studied composition in college that his love for the piano truly took root. He claims that Liszt revealed to him what was possible, and Chopin taught him what melody could be.

John is also an active composer of film and animation scores. Many of the projects he has created music for have gone on to great success at film and animation festivals around the world. In 2018, John scored the music for Shelby Hadden’s Tightly Wound which was an official selection at the Annecy Animation Festival later that year. 

John currently lives in Austin, Texas. 

It was a great pleasure working with John. From the beginning he was highly responsive, incredibly professional and very easy to communicate with. The final product he delivered was above and beyond our expectation, and we would love to work with him again.
— Sarah Sun, Animator/Director
It is an amazing experience to work with John. He interpreted the concept and emotion of my film right away and put in a lot of great ideas to reinforce the visuals with simple, subtle, yet powerful sound design. The film became so much more artistic and emotional because of his music.
— Joanne Lin, Animator/Director
John’s score brought so much life and color to my film. While he always listened and respected my ideas and vision, he usually sent something that completely surprised me. He knows exactly what a scene needs and creates something better than you could have imagined. He worked and reworked pieces so they were exactly what I wanted with an unbelievably quick turnaround.
— Shelby Hadden, Filmmaker
Working with John Churchill was one of the most artistically rewarding experiences of my career. He is an expressive musician, a meticulous composer, and an open minded collaborator.
— David Ollington, Choreographer
From the first meeting I knew that John Churchill was my guy. He intuitively responded to the style and tone that I was describing by suggesting sounds and examples that were right on the mark. John’s melodies brought each character to life and gave a whole other layer of comedy to the film.
— Mitch O'Hearn, Filmmaker